What I Do ?

• Real Estate Listing Images (Stills)(No Drone) For Your MLS Listings

• Builder and Remodels,Images.

• Business Headshots (Mobile) (New For 2019) When Can You Expect Your Images?

• (Real Estate) Typically by Morning You’ll Be Ready To Rock With Your New Images.

• (Builder) Typically within 48 Hours. These Have A Different Price Structure and License- Usage Agreement Than MLS Listings.

• Images Will be sent via email. You Will Receive and Download Link For your Zip file of Images. Download, Save.

How To Get The Goods?

Call, Email or Text Me: Where It Is How Big Or Small It Is and as much info as you can about your listing so I can Best determine when and the best way I can photograph this property for you and get it done as quickly as possible so you can do what you do best.

How Long Does It Take To Photograph A Property?

• Time Can Vary. I Try To Photograph Each One As Quickly As Possible But Also Taking The Time To Cover It The Best I can. Average Home (2000 Sq Ft) 3 Bed 2 Bath Town Property Is Usually 40 Minutes To 1 Hour 15 Minutes Depending On The Complexity Of The Property. Each One Is Different.

• I Do a Mixture Of Techniques; Natural Light, Flash, HDR, Image Blending etc To Achieve The Best Images I can For Each Home. Some Methods Take Longer Than Others And I’ll Use Everything In My Arsenal To Achieve he Best Image(s) I Can For You.

How Many Images Will I Receive?

• Depending on the property, 25 finished images is my goal. Some properties there will be more than 25 images some small properties I will shoot as many as I see feasible to create a solid gallery of images for your listing.

Who Can Use The Images?

In the photography industry it is standard practice the photographer retains the full rights to the images granting a license for usage to you and is non-transferable, non-exclusive image license. In this case for Real Estate Listings it is but not limited to 12 months ( One Year) Unless Otherwise Agreed Upon For something different. If you ever have a question? Please Do Not Hesitate To ask.

How Can You Use The Images?

In Any reasonable way that you want (including, but not limited to, printing, emailing, copying, web-publishing, social-media, advertising.

Cancelation Policy?

• Kindly I ask sooner the better of course (12 Hours) to better schedule my time. Understanding the dynamics of real estate I know this is not always possible and not always in your control. If you simply will not be listing a property due to things out of your control tell me asap please and we will hope for better luck on the next listing. I’ll note I’ve been blessed with some of the best real estate agents over the years and have only had a very select few that I had to Bill for cancelling late.


• Fees are based with a Minimum fee for Weiser To Boise Areas Up To 2000 Sq Ft, Then priced accordingly over 2000 Sq Ft + Fee Adjustments For Complexity of the property could be added.Fees Due At Time Of Service. Cash Or Check Is Fine. Invoice Sent With Zip File Of Your Images Via email.

• Text or Email me for current pricing.

How To prepare?

• Clean ! Mirrors are the worst make sure they are spotless. Clutter, hide everything that is not needed. Think Blank canvas or have it staged. Bathrooms, Clean everything and leave nothing on the counters back of toilets or in the shower or tubs. These tend to be the most un-slightly areas to have anything visible other than a clean towel hanging. Kitchens, again, hide everything. A few props maybe ( Fresh Flowers or some other Carefully selected item that fit the space well or nothing at all) Think Blank Space so your potential buyer can envision themselves being there better. 1st impressions are a real thing.

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